Legends Grille Fundraising


About the Program

No candy bars to melt, no light bulbs to break and no dinners to cook!

Sign up for our fundraising program, and Legends Grille will donate 20% of the participants’ total food bill to your organization! Simply collect guest checks from group members dining on your behalf during your designated time frame, and submit the collected guest checks to your local Legends Grille. It’s a great way to raise additional monies for charities, religious groups, schools and sports teams. Read below for the complete fundraiser rules.

To sign up or for more information, please e-mail us at


Legends Grille Fundraising Rules

  • Your fundraiser must be scheduled in advance with our marketing department.
  • Group members, their friends, families, neighbors, etc. can dine on their designated evenings (or days) at any of our restaurants as often as they wish during the fundraising period. You may also sign up for an extended period of time and collect receipts every day of the week.
  • To Go is included.
  • At the end of the meal, group members ask their server for a copy of their guest check (not the charge card receipt). Only one additional guest check can be provided per visit.
  • Your group or organization must collect the copies of the guest checks from its group members.
  • Legends Grille will donate 20% of the food and non-alcoholic beverages purchased. This 20% donation cannot apply to sales tax, alcoholic beverages, or to any guest check that receives any other type of discount, coupon, offer or promotion.
  • Group members may not solicit receipts from other diners, either inside or outside the restaurant or by standing in front of the restaurant, in the parking lot or by going table to table.
  • Group members bring (or mail) the copies of their guest checks to your organization for collection. At the end of the fundraising period, total up the food sales from all the eligible Legends Grille guest checks, multiply by 20% and submit all the guest checks along with your calculations to us. There is no limit on how much your organization can earn.

The 20% donation amount is to be derived from the business that has been generated through your organization’s efforts. Therefore, it is acceptable for anybody to dine at Legends Grille and forward their guest checks to your organization.

So, get the word out to your entire community!



Download the Fundraiser Application and drop it off at Legends or scan and email

Click here to download the Legends Fundraiser Application